Tutorial written by Nemesis

For this tutorial you will need:
Psp 7 or 8

Flaming Pear- Superbladepro.

The clear glass preset you can find

This font...

This tube...
Drawn and tubed by me so totally free for ya ;o)

Open up a new image 400*300 pixels with a transparent background.
Select the text tool and add the text with these settings...

Now go to effects/plugins/ flaming pear/ superblade pro.
Set so that you got bmp click on the white square under it and load
the blank bmp picture that came with the preset.
Then click the cd and search for the preset you want to use. Click ok.
You should have something looking like this...

Deselect the text (ctrl +d ).
Add a new raster layer ( layers / new raster layer)
Select the picture tube tool and add the bow with the scale 18%.
Use the mover tool to move it into place on the text. Go to layers/ merge/
merge visible. Then go to effects/ 3d effects/ drop shadow and add with these

Vertical: 1
Horizontal: 1
Opacity: 100
Blur: 4,3
Colour: black

Duplicate your layer ( layers/ duplicate) then go to
effects/ blur/ gaussian blur and blur with a radius of 10.
Now go to effects/ texture effects/ texture and add with these settings...

Move this layer down to the bottom (layers/ arrange/send to bottom)
then merge visible and save as .jpg and crop.

I hope you had fun.
happy psp.ing!

Please feel free to link to this tutorial,
and/or print it out for your own personal use,
but do not copy it in any way to put on-line, pass out,
or re-write without my permission.

Copyright Nemesis Tutorials