Tutorial written by Nemesis

This Page is graphic intense so plz take a min
and let it load :o)

For this tutorial you will need:


This font...

This accent:
Diamond accent

**Install the accent (tube) and font!!**

Open up a new image 500*300 pixels with a transparent background.
(size of the new canvas depends on the length of your word.)
Select the text tool and add text with these settings...

Then go to effects/ 3d effects/ inner bevel and add with these settings...

Duplicate this layer. Then pick up the selection tool and click the
image press crtl + a then click the image again to tighten up the selection.
Select the flood fill tool and flood fill the dumplicated layer with: #404040
Go to effects/ texture effects/ tiles and add with these settings...

Deselect (press ctrl +d )
Then drag the visibility of this layer down to 22.
This is what you should have now...

Go to layers/ merge /merge visible.
Now go to effects/ 3d effects/ drop shadow and add with

horizontal och vertical: 3
opacity: 85
blur: 6

Then add a new raster layer (layers/new raster layer)
Select the picture tube tool and find the diamond accent,
add with 75% scale. Use the mover tool and move it into place.
Then duplicate to as many layers as you need.
When done hide the merged layer (click the glasses on the layer palette.)
Then go to layers/ merge / merge visible. Now if you would like to colour your
diamonds this is the time. If so go to colours/ colourize and pick any colour.
Then unhide the text layer (click the glasses)
This is what we got now...

You should now have two layers, a diamond and a text layer.
Save as .psp and open up in animation shop.

Now this is what you will see in there...

Now grab your diamond frame by pressing down your mouse button on
it then just simply drag it out to the working area. Ok, So now we got 2
frames. First lets work with the diamond one.
Go to effects/ insert image effects use these settings...

Now click Customize and set the settings like this...

To get the best effects do the waves really small as you can see
to the right on the picture.

Now you got 8 diamond frames, go to the very first one click on it and press
delete. Now to the text frame and right click on it and click duplicate selected.
Do this till you have 7 frames. Now we have something like this...

Highlight the very first of the text frames (click on it so that it has a
blue frame around it.) Then click on the first frame of the diamonds then go to
edit/ select all. Now we are going to add them together just like we took
them apart. Grab the first frame of the diamonds and simply drag it over
to the first text frame. When the diamonds are where you want them just let go.
Now you got all your diamonds in the exact right place.
this is what we got now...

Now crop and save the frames as .gif and hey you're done!
If you end up with ugly black stuff instead of the drop shadow
go to the how 2 section and read about how to set your optimizing settings ;o)

Hope you had fun!
Happy psp.ing :0P

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and/or print it out for your own personal use,
but do not copy it in any way to put on-line, pass out,
or re-write without my permission.

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