Tutorial written by Nemesis

For this tutorial you will need:


Toadies - cyborg

The following tube...


Open up an image 400*400 pixels with a transparent background
Add your tube. Then go to image/ rotate rotate with 87% degrees to the right.
Your rose should now be standing up.
Select the preset shapes tool, make sure create as vector is ticked.
Then draw a box over the rose like so.

Add a new raster layer (layers /new raster layer)
Select the text tool, set line width to 1 and linestyle solid.
Now drag the mouse over the edge of the vector rectangle,
When you get a big A with a bow under it click the image.
Now use these settings when adding the text...
Make sure you have the circled button ticked.

Your text is now on the left hand of the picture. Like this...

This is not where we want it though so use the mover tool and simply drag
the text over to the right hand of the pic.
Now delete the vector rectangle.
Go to layers/merge/ merge visible and merge.

Duplicate your layer.
Now go to effects/ blur/ gaussian blur and add with a radius of 10.
After that go to effects/ plugins/ toadies / cyborg and add with
the standard settings ie these...

Move this layer to the bottom. (layers/arrange/send to bottom)
Now drag the top layer a bit to the right.
You should now have something like this...

This is a neat effect in itself but we are not finished yet.
So go to colours/ adjust / brightness~contrast.
Set brightness to -255 and contrast to 100.
Your image is now totally black.

Go to layers/ merge/ merge visible.
Then go to effects/ artistic effects/ aged newspaper.
Add with amount of age set on 53.
Crop if necessary and then save as .jpg and you are done :o)

I hope you had fun !
Happy Psp-ing!!

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