Tutorial written by Nemesis

For this tutorial you will need:
Psp 7 or 8

This font...
zyborg font

This tube...
Hat tube
Drawn and tubed by me so totally free for ya ;o)

Open up a new image 500*200 pixels with a transparent background.
Open up the tube picture in psp. Right click on it then click copy.
Right click on the empty canvas and click paste as new layer.
Go to layers / arrange / send to bottom.

Now pick up the dropper tool and select a black colour by clicking on
the hat with the left mouse button. Now place the cursor on the red part
of the hat and right click on the mouse.
You should have something like this now...

Now select the text tool and add text with these settings...

The text now appears on your image with the marching ants around it,
which means it's selected. Do not deselect.

Use the dropper and select a grey colour by clicking
on it with the left mouse button.Pick up your draw tool, now when you draw
lines don't worry about going outside the text, because aslong as it's selected
the lines will only appear inside the selection.
Draw until you got something like this...

Now do the same with two other colours for example black and a darker red.
Like this...

Don't be afraid to play a little.
Now when done and with the text still floating go to
effects/ 3d effects/cutout and add with these settings...

Vertical: 0
Horizontal: 0

Opacity: 94
Blur: 9,6
Colour: black

Make sure fill with interior colour is unticked.
Now deselect by pressing down ctrl + d
Go to layers/ arrange/ send to bottom. Then pick up your movertool
and move the hat until you got something like this...

Now go to layers/ merge/ merge visible.
Then go to effects/ 3d effects/ dropshadow and add with these settings...

Vertical: 0
Horizontal: 0
Opacity: 71
Blur: 7,7
Colour: black

Pick up the crop tool and draw a box as close to the image as you can without
touching it or the dropshadow. Then go to image/ crop.
Now save the image as a .jpg and you are done !

I hope you had fun.
happy psp.ing!

Please feel free to link to this tutorial,
and/or print it out for your own personal use,
but do not copy it in any way to put on-line, pass out,
or re-write without my permission.

Copyright Nemesis Tutorials