Tutorials written by Nemesis

For this tutorial you will need:
Psp 7
Visman filter
Download my font here

Open up a new image 300*200 with a transparent background

Use the text tool and type the text you want.
Make sure u got antialias and floating checked.
Duplicate the text layer.

Now go to effects/plug-ins/visman distortion/smallpox.
Use the following settings.

Go to image/resize with the following settings.

Use the selection tool to select this layer.
Now use the flood fill and fill the image with any gradient you want.
Gradients you find here...

Move the smallpox layer to the bottom.

Now we are going to add a shadow to the text.
Since my gradient is red I want a red drop shadow on my text.
Go to effects/3d effects/drop shadow. Use the following settings...

It's now time to merge the layers. Layers/ merge/ merge visible.
Use the selection tool to select the whole image.
Drop a black shadow with the same settings as before.
Save the image as .jpg and you are done.

Please feel free to link to this tutorial,
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