Tutorial written by Nemesis

For this tutorial you will need:
Written in psp9
Psp 7, 8 or 9

Flaming pear - Superblade pro

Cocoutine glass preset.
You can find the preset HERE

Mura's Meister copies. You can find it HERE

The font I used is called Saginaw.

Picture of your choice
Diamond tube : HERE

-If the settings aren't shown they are default settings.-

Open up a new image 500*500 pixels with a transparent background.
Select your preset shapes tool and select a heart preset.
You can of course use any other shape aswell but I used the heart.
Set foreground colour to null and background colour to #e39fc5
or any other colour you like.

Draw a shape about the size: 85*65. Then go to selections / select all.
Now go to selections/float. Continue by going to effects/plugins/flaming pear/ superblade pro.
Add with these settings...

Defloat by pressing ctrl + d. Duplicate this layer (layers/duplicate).
Then use your mover tool and move your top heart to the middle of the canvas.
Then go to effects/ plugins/ muras meister/ copies and add with these settings...

Move this layer under the other heart layer. (layers/ arrange/ send to bottom).
Use your mover tool to move the other heart right on top of the frame one.
Go to effects/ 3d effects/ drop shadow and add with these settings...

Go to layers / merge / merge visible.
Merge visible again then select your magic wand, select the inside of the
frame. Go to selections/ modify / expand and expand by 2.
Then go to effects/ 3d effects/ cutout. Add with these settings...
Both offsets set to 0, opacity: 50, blur: 15.

Add a new layer and add the diamond in the middle of the canvas with the size 20.
Go add Mura's meister copies again and add but this time set the number to 90 instead of 165.
Then go to layers/ resize and resize with 75*75 procent. Use bicubic and make
sure you untick resize all layers.
Move the pearls into place so that you have something like this...

Merge visible and then add a new layer.
Move this layer to the bottom and then add what you want in it.
Use the move too to arrange the picture. My picture ended up looking like this.

So if you got this you simply select the selection tool,
Set selection type to circle, make sure you got the bottom layer activated.
Then draw a circle like so...

Then go to selections/ invert. Now press the delete key on your keyboard.
All we got left to do now is to add our text. Merge visible.
Add a new layer and add your text. I used a font called Saginaw, size 72.
Then I rotated the text with 20%and used the same sbp preset as we used earlier.
Merge visible one last time then resize if needed add the ©info that comes with the
tube. Crop and save as .jpg and you are done !

I hope you had fun.
happy psp.ing!

Please feel free to link to this tutorial,
and/or print it out for your own personal use,
but do not copy it in any way to put on-line, pass out,
or re-write without my permission.

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